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Bastei Region by FRANK EXSS

Bastei Region by FRANK EXSS

Dresden, a classical masterpiece Dresden is a wonderful destination for an excursion less than an hour’s drive or train ride from the heart of Saxon Switzerland.Many of the architectural highlights of the Saxon capital were built of Elbe sandstone, including the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) or the Zwinger Palace. Over the past few years, the old Neumarkt (New Market), with its hotels and boutique shopping malls, has grown at a rapid pace at the foot of the Frauenkirche’s mighty dome. Visitors ought not to miss the castle and the Semper Opera in the old town, while Dresden’s Neustadt offers colourful culture and a thriving pub scene as well as upmarket specialist boutiques that line the narrow lanes and passages. If you have a little more time to spare, there are 37 museums and Baroque monuments that are related to Saxon prince “August the Strong”, say much about the city’s history and provide Dresden with its characteristic cityscape. The Panometer provides a special highlight, transporting the visitor on a journey back in time to the Baroque Dresden of 1756. The large panoramic image, some 105 m in length and 27 m in height, provides the visitor with an all-round 3 D view and conveys a real-world feeling. Up on the viewing platform, visitors get a fabulous overview of the old town and out across the countryside beyond Dresden. At Volkswagen AG’s “Gläserne Manufaktur” (transparent manufacturing) site, car lovers can watch luxury limousines being built. Every year in May, the international Dixieland Festival attracts about 500,000 Swing Jazz enthusiasts. And in the Christmas period, the old market is ablaze with the lights of the Striezelmarkt (Striezel Market), Germany’s oldest Christmas market.

Step this way to Narnia
A glance at the map is enough to see that a border runs through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which separate Bohemia in the Czech Republic from Saxony. A closer look tells us that Bohemia also borrowed the name of Switzerland: that part of the national park and the mountains that fall inside the Czech Republic are known as Bohemian Switzerland. This is the home of Europe’s largest natural rock gate, the Prebisch Gate.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains by FRANK EXSS

Elbe Sandstone Mountains by FRANK EXSS

The sandstone rock bridge,  maximum width of 8 m is one of the most outstanding natural monuments of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Some of the scenes featured in “The Chronicles of Narnia” were shot here, while the film features a digitally enhanced image of the gate.

Romance in Prague
Prague can be reached by car in just two hours. Winding alleyways and historic buildings, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque and Rennaissance palaces have preserved the charm of the Czech capital for centuries The “Hradschin” (castle district) with Prague Castle and the old town, including the Charles Bridge, are part of the World Cultural Heritage, as are Josefstadt and Neustadt. The cityscape is characterised by almost 500 towers and belvederes. The vast range of art treasures and the splendour of the aristocracy’s palaces bear witness to a glamorous period. An evening walk through
narrow alleyways under gas-light that floods from ornate lanterns in a romantic and beautiful city is a must for anyone seeking to capture the essence of Prague.

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