Railway adventure in Saxon Switzerland

Model railways, miniature railways & more

Walk through a tiny version of Saxon Switzerland – or travel miniature format yourself …

Miniature Park “Little Saxon Switzerland” . In Wehlen’s miniature park you’ll find a reconstruction of the best-known rock formations, from the Bastei (or Bastion) to the bizarre shapes of the Affensteine (Ape Rocks) and the Elbe valley. Historic means of transportation, such as steam engines, steam boats and the tram, animate the small-scale replica of the region to the delight of children and adults alike. And in the workshop, you can watch as scupltors carve their beautiful sandstone souvenirs.

Papststein by FRANK EXSS

Papststein by FRANK EXSS

Railway romanticism with a view of the Bastei Railway lovers will thrill at the sight of the world’s largest miniature garden exhibit “Eisenbahnwelten im Kurort Rathen” (Railway worlds in the spa town of Rathen). An area of 7,300 m² contains 4.2 km of tracks, 125 buildings, 14 stations and between 20 and 30 trains that are constantly on the move. The whole working exhibit is staged against the backdrop of the magnificent Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

In a scale of 1:87 from Bad Schandau to Obervogelgesang The “Miniatur Elbtalbahn” (Miniature Elbe Valley Railway), right next to the “Elbe-Freizeitland” leisure park in Königstein includes a detailed reconstruction of the railway between Obervogelgesang and Bad Schandau, complete with authentic track layout, working trains, carriages and signalling.

A model railway exhibit, the “Modelleisenbahn-Museum” (model railway museum) Sebnitz, presents over 100 years of model railway history and more than 50 years of TT railway manufacturing in a 250 m² exhibit. A fascinating world of miniature railways from past and present, the exhibit features toys that our grandparents might have played with to the modern trains of today. The museum also has a 12 m-long exhibit on the Elbe Valley and features that focus on themes of winter and night.

Saxon Semmeringbahn. Eight  times a day the railway travels along the 100-year old track from Bad Schandau to Neustadt via the dreamy Sebnitz Valley. During the 30-minute journey, it crosses 27 bridges and passes through seven tunnels.

Fortress Königstein by FRANK EXSS

Fortress Königstein by FRANK EXSS

A lap on the Feldbahnzug (Feldbahn train). The Herrenleite Feldbahnmuseum (Light Railway Museum) displays narrow-gauge industrial railways used in former brickyards or quarries. Visitors can take a spin on the light railway.
Recapturing a romantic narrowgauge railway, the Schwarzbachbahn (Schwarzbach Railway) is the only narrow-gauge railway in Saxon Switzerland. From 1897 to 1951 it ran from Gossdorf Kohlmühle to Hohnstein. The track and the two tunnels are being rebuilt today but curious visitors can hike all the way to the exhibition on the old railway embankment at Lohsdorf Station.

A special tip:
Have your order brought to the table on a mini train! The Gartenbahnstübl Stolpen takes your order in a rather special way: every table has an original replica of a station on it, and when the train stops you simply put your order inside it on a piece of paper.
A few laps later the drinks arrive on the train. When it comes to settling the bill, the conductor arrives at the table, dressed in a bygone style with conductor’s bag and money changer.

The Tourism Association assists you with your travel plans in Saxon Switzerland: booking accommodation, sourcing package deals and other offers, and provision of information and printed material that will help you to make the right choices for a happy holiday.

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