Familiy Holidays in Saxon Switzerland

An exciting day for the whole family

Popular attractions and hidden delights await visitors young and old in Saxon Switzerland. In the Elbe-Freizeitland (Elbe leisure park) Königstein visitors can climb the rock face, leap for joy on the bungee trampoline, soar on the sky rail or find their way through the adventure maze and climbing garden. For those who prefer a quieter life, there’s

Barbarine by FRANK EXSS

Barbarine by FRANK EXSS

miniature golf or a chance to relax in a beach chair on the shores of the Elbe. Magnetic ore used to be mined at the “Marie Louise Stolln” mine in Berggießhübel on the edge of Saxon Switzerland. Today, guided tours bring alive the thrilling story of the mine. Children can hunt for the treasure of Marie Louise, listen to fantastic fairytales and sagas and experience what it was like to celebrate yuletide here on the last shift on Christmas eve. In the “Felslabyrinth” (Rock Maze) Langenhennersdorf don’t forget to follow the numbers. The maze is a delight for children but adults will need to watch their girth: it gets a little tight in places beyond the widest places at entry and exit. The “jumble of rocks” is marked with ascending numbers so that nobody needs to worry about getting lost on their adventure through the maze, though the guidance makes the experience no less thrilling. Pixies, trolls and other mythical creatures await your presence at the Fabel- und Mythenpark (Fable and Mythical Park of) Königstein. Busy pucks and villains all they tell many an interesting tale about the world of the mythical creatures at an exhibit that stretches over 15,000 m². Visitors can watch figures being born in “live” demonstrations of Elbe sandstone sculpting. There is also a farmyard Pets Corner for young visitors. In the Urzeitpark (Primeval Park) Sebnitz you can step back into longforgotten times. In a 10,000 m² park, lifelike statues of early humans, mammals and monsters, such as sea creatures, are set amongst primeval fauna.

Flock to see a shepherd. Picture the scene: clouds float past in the skies over the Elbe Valley between the Königstein and the Lilienstein … an idyllic atmosphere … fragrant meadows and grazing sheep. But don’t imagine there’s nothing to do: follow the work and art of the shepherd as he demonstrates his work with his flock and a cheeky sheep dog, sheep shearing (remember to book early), wool processing and felting. When the work is done, the shepherd tells stories about his life and flock.
Yipieh-Yah-Yeah … Saddle up! Many boys and girls dream about riding or being up in the saddle like a cowboy. The riding farms of the region are excellently equipped to take you on horseback ride. And if that sounds too adventurous for you, there’s always a trip in a carriage or charabanc.

More tips: details of gold digging, climbing, miniature golf, swimming and hiking trails suitable for pushchairs can be found in the family brochure “Mit Kindern in der Sächsischen Schweiz” (Travelling with children in Saxon Switzerland).

The “Waldhusche” Hinterhermsdorf is just right for little explorers. How did people begin to utilise the forests of Saxon Switzerland in the Middle Ages? Why were fences erected by early settlers? How did they transport felled timber? The “Waldhusche” answers those and other questions in a 60-hectare adventure playground with four tours over rough and smooth terrain.
Visitors can listen to explanations on how the forest was created, what shapes it and how it evolves with time. Beyond the learning, there is pure fun too: balance on tree trunks or explore a hardwood maze. The tours conclude at the Beizehaus information point.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains by FRANK EXSS

Elbe Sandstone Mountains by FRANK EXSS

At “Krietzschwitzer Kerzenträume” (Candle Dreams) store children and adults are invited to make candles themselves. If the process is simple – with each immersion the wick takes on an ever-thicker layer of wax to the colour of your choice – the result is one that everyone can take pride in.

Welcome to an oasis of fun for the family: Lilienstein. Away from the hustle and bustle of town, the Lilienstein area boasts a climbing school, childcare, accommodation for cyclists, a holiday farm and rafting on the Elbe.

The Tourism Association assists you with your travel plans in Saxon Switzerland: booking accommodation, sourcing package deals and other offers, and provision of information and printed material that will help you to make the right choices for a happy holiday.

Tel.: +49 (0) 3501 47 01 47


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